League Rules


US Lacrosse rules with the exception: (Men's we will run Post College rules) 

Two 25 minute running halves

Penalties: Penalties will be time and half. 30 second will be 45 minutes and 1 minute will be 1 ½.

No fighting! Anyone who fights will be kicked out of the league with no refunds!

Will play 10 VS 10 for all boys with the exception on U9 and Girls divisions which will play 7 VS 7 and if numbers for other division are low enough to play 7 VS 7!

No man up man down for U9

1 ime out per team per half.  No time outs can be taken with 5 minutes or less in either half

OT - There will be a 5 minute sudden death OT.  If still tied after 5 minutes the game ends in a tie.  Only exception is play offs.  After the first OT we go to brave heart.