Neuro Tracking


NeuroTracker is a unique technology that allows people to improve performance by training the brain with multiple-object tracking. Athletes who use Neuro Training, benefit from heightened concentration and focus, faster response times and enhanced situational awareness.


What they are saying about Neuro Training........



Anthony - Goalie

Neuro training has helped me be able to track the movement of the ball better during the game.  I can be aware of what is going on around me and still follow the ball.  The training and coaches have taught me how to focus and move on if I make a mistake.  I really like the group that I train with as we push each other to get better.


Jake - Goalie
 I feel that the neurotracking has really opened up a new level of performance for me as a player. I'm able to see things on the field I haven't seen before. My abilities have definitely been raised to a higher level


Parent - Of a Goalie

Since my son started with the Goalie clinic and the Neuro training, I have seen vast improvement in his performance and his confidence.  The Neuro training has been an invaluable tool in this improvement.  While the goalie specific instruction that he gets from his coaches has improved his in-game skills, the Neuro training has improved his field and ball movement awareness.  He has a new found confidence and he has learned to quickly recover if he lets in a goal or something else on the field goes wrong.  I truly believe that this unique training has been instrumental to the improvements that that he has made as a Goalie.